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"MOMENTS" - Book

$10.00 / On Sale

FOD006| "MOMENTS" - Book, 44 pages. Edition of 100. Published 11/15 - $10

Fodder Press invoked a cast of Philadelphia based artist/residents to define a "Philadelphia Moment" and then assembled their responses in the form of photos, drawings, collages, and anecdotes into "MOMENTS". Released in conjunction with the "WE PAIN " group installation (assembled by the same community of Philly based artists, over 30 in total) at LUMP Gallery in November of 2015. The book is 44 pages, riso/color and b/w xerox printed in October 2015. Assembled by hand in an edition of 100 by Fodder Press.

With contributions by: Mark Beyer, Greg Biche, Dan Isaac Bortz, Emilia Brintnall, Robert Chaney, Marley Dawson, Shelby Donnelly, Joy Feasley, Richard Harrod, Lynnea Holland-Weiss, Jake Kehs, Gabrielle Lavin, Preston Link, Tristin Lowe, Jacob Lunderby, Mackenzie McAlpin, Rich McIsaac, Matthew Neff, Nakima Ollin, Paul Swenbeck, Clint Takeda, & Sophie White